Come and learn the latest new trend in Semi Permanent Makeup! The Fundamentals of Microblading.This is a entry level, intimate class, perfect for beauty industry newbies or seasoned professionals looking to learn a new trade and boost their revenue. 

This 3-day course will provide you with theory and hands on experience in a small, professional, licensed class room setting , boosting your knowledge and confidence to conquer the Art of Microblading! 


Day 1:

This is a jam packed day of information! We will begin with theory (I know not so fun! but come with a note pad and get ready to learn!) I will cover everything from the History of Microblading, Anatomy of the skin, Skin types, Contraindications, Color Theory, Safety & Sanitation, Station Set-Up, Lighting, Client Consultation, Brow Shaping & Mapping, Hair-stroke Patterns, Needle Options, Depth ,Stretch and much more! The last part of the day we will learn the fundamentals of Microblading and practice patterns on synthetic skin. 

Day 2:

Practice makes perfect! We will continue to work on synthetic skin and stroke patterns. The second half of the day I will demonstrate Microblading on a live model.

Day 3:

Then it's your turn! Under supervision you will complete your first Microblading procedure.


Microblading Kit includes:
Microblading Manual
Carrying case
4 pigments
1 numbing agent
1 barrier cream
10 sterile alcohol wipes
1 pack q-tips
1 reusable hand tool
10 disposable hand tools
30 variety pack of disposable needles
1 pack mascara wands
15 sticker eyebrow rulers
2 wax pencils
1 pencil razor
1 caliper
1 pack disposable eyebrow razors
1Mapping string
20Pigment cups
1Sharps Container
10Disposable aprons
1Mannequin head
5Practice synthetic skin 


*You will also be expected to complete your blood borne pathogen training class before your training date

*If you would like to work on a model during class in the state of CA it is your responsibility to register with your county's health department as a technician ( email me and I can help you with what you need to do)  

*Please note you will get a certificate of completion after the course but you will need to check with your local county health department for regulations in your area.  

*Please do not expect to master Microblading after this course. Microblading takes A LOT of practice, so I encourage you to stay disciplined, practice, practice, practice and ALWAYS advance your knowledge and education. 

2018 Group Class Schedule; * 1 on 1 classes please email me

February 12th & 13th The Fundamentals of Microblading

Location: Orange County, CA SOLD OUT

March 18th & 19th The Fundamentals of Microblading

 Location: Alexanders Aesthetics  Burlingame, CA SOLD OUT

July 21-23nd The Fundamentals of Microblading

Location: Alexanders Aesthetics  Burlingame, CA

October 20-22nd The Fundamentals of Microblading

Location: Alexanders Aesthetics  Burlingame, CA


**ALL training inquiries please email me through the contact page. 

** Class fee is $2,800/ 50% non refundable deposit required to hold your place


What my students ARE saying! 

I just wanted to thank you for a truly fantastic microblading workshop! Everything, the way you presented your material, the resources and personal expertise that you shared, the specifics with regard to safety/sanitation,detailed hands-on guidance and demo, your professionalism and on and on was extraordinary, I couldn’t have asked for more -Kim W Patina Skin & Wax
Thank you so much! Taking your class was the best decision I’ve made for my career- Chelsea B.
Thank you! The class was awsome, thank you for sharing your knowledge! - Brittni M.
One of our most requested classes, The Fundamentals of Microblading! -AlexandersAesthetics